{what’s in my bag}

Back in my early days of learning my oils, I would often see people say how they took their oils everywhere. Or they were out and about and something happened so they grabbed their frankincense from their bag. I would read or hear these things, and be so confused. Why were people taking their oils with them? How did they know what to take? Did they have a magic ball saying what they would need for the day?

And yet here I am, two years later, and constantly toting my oils around, or whipping out that bottle of frankincense. It is second nature now to constantly have oils within easy reach, and to be honest, I sometimes forget what it’s like to be that eager but confused newbie. Over on instagram, I have a little series called #mybarefootbag, where every now and then I share what’s in my bag – both oily and not – to show how and why I pack the things I do. I also love a good bag sneaky peek, to see how other people organise their bits and bobs, and finding out more about them as a person based on what’s in their bag.

TOILETRY BAG – Mama solo trip.
* soft Clarins toiletry bag
* OnGuard toothpaste and toothbrush
* makeup – mix of Arbonne & Clarins
* Verage cleanser, moisturiser & serum
* spa body wash
* essentials deodorant

* Lowepro cross-body SLR day pack
* tissues
* doTERRA water bottle wit grapefruit water
* camera
* Miss Tilly Buttons mini roller pouch containing:
– Frankincense Touch for general aches, pains, scrapes, everything
– Laveneder Touch for owies and bites
– Grouch roller (Peace, Console, Wild Orange) for mega meltdowns
– Happy Child roller for general grumblings
– Tummy Tonic roller for any sad tums
– Grow Elixir in case of a growing pain attack
– Geranium & Helichrysum roller in case of nose bleeds
– Tube of Correct-X for any little accidents needing some oily first aid
(yep! All that fit in that little pouch!)
* OnGuard hand santiser mist
* Peppermint beadlets
* notepad for random notemaking
* Grey #cardori with grid notebook, blank sketchbook & folder inserts
* Ballpoint pen for scriblling
* Micron ink pen for sketching
* Koi Sakura travel watercolour set

* Corduroy satchel from Colorado, circa 2009
* doTERRA roller clutch form last year’s Christmas catalogue
* Sleep roller (overnight trip)
* focus roller
* Hope roller as purefume
* OnGuard Touch roller for immune support in a large hall, plus hand sanitiser use
* Peppermint Touch roller for tummy support and energy hit
* Peace for calming
* Arbonne Phytosport stick for my water bottle top-ups thanks to having been sick the week before and also being in air-con all day, I like a bit of additional hydration help
* peppermint beadlets for breath freshener, tummy support and mid-session pick me up
* lip balm
* journaling bible
* pastel pencils
* lead pencil
* Micron pen
* washi tape
* adorable mini gouache set
* waterbrush
* missing from the photo – water bottle, pencil case, fave bible journaling notebook

* purple doTERRA pouch
* DigestZen Touch
* Easy Air Touch
* Peace Touch
* OnGuard Touch
* Frankincense Touch
* Balance
* Arborvitae
* Lemongrass
* Sleep blend
* Grow Elixir
* Mini Modern Essentials booklet
* 60mL cooling spray
* 60mL TerraArmour spray
* Correct-X
* Ice Blue Rub
* Peppermint salve
* Peppermint beadlets
* Lip balm

* Sweet tote made and gifted by a friend
* small handwork project
* book club book
* kindle to finish the previous book first
* purple doTERRA pouch gifted by my upline as part of my Diamond Club survival pack last year, packed to the brim with oils.
* two must have car oils for the console – Balance, because kids, and Peppermint for grumbl tummies on the mountain
* Healing Hands power bank from convention
* Cheapy sunnies because kids

* Miss Tilly Buttons mini pouch
* Peppermint Touch for cooling, headaches, energy & grumbly tummie
* Tea Tree Touch for hand cleanser and also for bumps and scrapes
* Frankincense Touch as an allrounder – calming, soothing and headaches (can you tell how I was feeling on the day?)
* Ice Blue Touch for post-walk aches & pains
* Peace Touch for the road trip grumps
* Correct-X because it’s the perfect ointment for tiny explorers

* Ice Blue for aches
* Lavender for sleep
* Geranium for nosebleeds
* OnGuard just in case
* Basil for ear aches
* Balance for worried tummy
* Easy Air for respiratory support
* DigestZen for tummy troubles
All in 2mL vials, diluted to the appropriate ratio for him.

* Peppermint
* Balance
* Lavender
* Digestzen
* Geranium
* Owies blend
* Lemon



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{flight essentials} off to the big smoke tomorrow and I’ve got my oils packed and ready to go. ::grapefruit:: water bottle must have to keep sugar cravings at bay ::digestzen:: to help my tummy cope with crappy airport food ::lavender:: for calming and sleep support ::balance:: because it’s bound to be a stressful trip ::basil:: to help with ear pressure ::whisper:: to dress in ::Salubelle:: to keep my face happy ::peppermint and basil roller:: for a pick me up before the 1.5hr drive home ::past tense:: in case of headaches ::on guard roller:: as a hand sanitiser ::fractionated coconut oil:: for topical use ::peppermint beadlets:: for energy and breath freshener ::lip balm:: because air con sucks ::on guard tooth last sample size:: gotta love mini toiletries!! ::not shown:: on guard beadlets, waiting for me at my destination! . What are your travel must haves? What little niggles do you have when travelling that oils might be able to help with? Want to know more? DM me and let’s talk! #haveoilswilltravel #doterraliving #travelbag #inmybag #naturalliving

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