{sunday self care}

Sunday’s are a slow, chilled out, family day for us. Today, my to-do list was getting on top of me a bit so I stayed home this afternoon to put a dent in it, and also took some time for a bit of self-care  as I worked away.

Pampering myself with doTERRA spa body butter for my dry cracked tootsies, and Arbonne gel eye masks for my sad, tired, old lady under-eyes.

Diffusing Sunny Citrus & Peace, for a calming mojo boost (which is rather an oxymoron, isn’t it?)

Crafting pages for my 31 minutes project, an album of our home.

Watching Bathurst, on and off. Of course. What else would I be watching on the first Sunday in October? #teamholden

The to-do list is slowly, slowly, disappearing. A few items have been transferred to later in the week after discovering I am missing crucial supplies. A project or two has been finished. A mountain of house work has been knocked over. I am about to boil the kettle and make myself a cup of tea and sit and plan for the school week ahead. A couple more loads of washing to fold. My morning basket to pack ready to kick off tomorrow the right way. And just like that, another weekend has all but disappeared. What fun stuff has been happening at your place this weekend?