…rollerball mentality…

Sometimes, when life throws us curve balls, it would be nice to have some extra little trick up our sleeve to help us to deal with them. In this class, we will learn how essential oils can be used to enhance the mood of a space, and how they can affect our emotions & help support healthy mental balance. Designed to be a hands on make-and-take session, we will be making a blend of your choice, with options available for things such as calmness, memory, hormonal management and stress relief. I will also have several resource books available on the day for you to refer to for specific issues, and be showcasing the Emotional Aromatherapy, and mood management ranges.

Bookings are essential, to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone attending. This is an open workshop that is suitable for those both new to doTERRA, and those who already use and love doTERRA essential oils. Your ticket is all inclusive and covers everything on the day – oils, bottle, label, and a regular-sized hot drink from the cafe as well!

VENUE: Balanced & Healthy, 140 Byron St, Inverell

DATE: Saturday, 24th August

TIME: 10am

COST: $12.50