{recipe} easy non-bake jaffa chocolate crackles


There are very few downsides to homeschooling. We get to get up when we want, have a cruisy brekkie to ease in to the day, and then get our chores done and hook into school in the morning and spend our afternoons as we please. I get my babies with me as much as I like. We can make our own schedule and take our “classroom” outside if we wish.

One less-fun part of homeschool, though, is that, having them at home full-time, means they come grocery shopping with me. All four. Which is about as fun as it sounds, really. Thankfully, they learnt within a week or two that the more “can we have”s I heard, the less like they were to get anything. A week or two back, we were all lined up, waiting to check out, and right there, next to the registers, was a big pile of Coco Pops, with a big yellow 1/2 price sticker (why, Coles? Whhyyyyyyyy do you do this??) and because I’m a sucker they had behaved, I grabbed a box for our next baking session. Which, apparently, had to be that afternoon because they are impatient little ratbags like that!!

100g copha (you could also use chocolate if you don’t like/don’t have copha)
3 cups Coco Pops
15 drops doTERRA Wild Orange oil (please only use essential oils that are marked as approved for human consumption, in your baking)

Melt the copha in a bowl over a saucepan
Mix the coco pops into the melted copha
Sneak a handful of dry coco pops for taste testing – we wouldn’t want to poison the family now, would we?
Add essential oils to taste – we liked a really orangey taste, you may not, so I would start with 5 and then build up from there. Regular tasting is essential 😉
Spoon into patty cases and refrigerate
Attempt to not eat them all in one sitting

You could easily make them whatever flavour you would like – I think the next batch we make, we will add some peppermint as well!