{our little piece of permaculture paradise}

It’s been a bit quite on both my blogs lately, because there has been a whole lot of LIFE going on! Not only did we have our first homeschool review, but, very excitingly…we bought ourselves a little farm!

For a big chunk of our marriage, we have daydreamed away many hours talking about what it would be like to have our own little patch of land. Both my husband and I grew up out of town, surrounded by open spaces and animals and we both hoped to be able to share that with our children. Talking about it, and actually finding the perfect time and the perfect land, however, is another matter. For the last twelve years, we have been in the trenches, so to speak, of growing our family and raising our little babies into toddlerhood and beyond. It was enough to fill our time, caring for babies and running a home, and it was convenient to live in town and easily be able to walk downtown like the pied piper with multiple children in tow.

Now they are getting older, however, it’s become easier to picture “more”, and when what is now our place came up, we were smitten. Location – ideal. View – amazing. Size – probably a bit larger than planned (ok, a lot larger than planned!). Infrastructure – insane. In the interests of due diligence, we looked at a few other places, but every last one failed to measure up. Another viewing to confirm it was as great as we remembered…and 6 weeks later, keys in hand, it was ours!

One of our favourite things about it, is the work the previous owner had put into it. A small orchard and permaculture veggie garden were well established, and I’m not going to pretend the presence of an in-progress vineyard was a pretty major attraction too. We are giddy at the thought of growing our own high-quality produce, and are enjoying the learning curve in getting everything organised. Our current project is getting some seedlings germinating, ready to plant out once the nights warm up a bit more.

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of our farm adventures here – it’s a huge task ahead of us to get a rhythm established and learning how to make everything work properly, but it’s a challenge we are looking forward to tackling head on. In between posts, you can follow along with snippets of daily farm fun over on Instagram, where I am sharing with the hashtag #barefootfarmchronicles. I hope you enjoy following along on our new adventure!