{long weekend plan B}

It sounded so good in theory. Three whole days with nothing planned, after a busy few weeks. As the week progressed, the mister started making some noises about taking Friday off work as well. Excellent plan. We had a fair bit we wanted to get done, in amongst all the relaxing, so four days at the farm sounded fabulous.

The children were at a sleepover with my folks and a flurry of messages came through requesting just one more night… complete with the teenager promising to be out of bed at a reasonable hour, so they were pretty keen. This left just the two of us to kick of the long weekend on Thursday night, which we did in pretty awesome fashion, starting with a quick trip out to the farm to do some watering that ended up becoming a bushwalk exploring a gully we hadn’t been up yet, trying to get a feel for the lay of the land and how the water will flow on the off chance it ever decides to rain again. Once home, we scrounged up a lazy dinner of leftovers (for him), and chips (for me). Child free dinners around here are super glamorous – it hardly seems worth the effort to cook for two! We rounded out the evening with the new Men In Black movie. Reboots can be a tricky proposition, but we both really enjoyed this one – it had enough call backs to the original movie to feel like it was part of the same universe, but was also strong enough to stand alone and didn’t feel like a cheesy repeat forcing new characters into old plot lines.

Friday morning, the children returned, and after loading the car to the roof with pillows and food and clothes to wear and the last couple of loads of washing that needed to be hung out, we were off and ready for a lovely weekend of camping at the farm. Then, when we arrived, Mr Barefoot greeted us with “my throat is getting sore”. Fabulous. Back into town I went, to grab the kettle and coffee plunger and the On Guard + softgels. By lunchtime he was increasingly unwell, and by mid-afternoon, we were packing back up all the stuff we had taken out, and headed back into town.

Today has been a lovely chilled out day of sewing and resting and gardening shows and kid projects and lego. It’s been lovely and relaxing. Hopefully after another good night’s sleep, the man flu will be conquered and we can head back out to the farm, for the day at least. Now we are used to the space on weekends, I can feel the children bouncing up against the fencelines of a town yard (metaphorically speaking), so it will be nice to head out and they can run wild and burn off some energy. On the plus side, we still have a whole two days to enjoy the great outdoors, so the weekend isn’t a write off. And I got a quilt finished! Which just goes to show, it is indeed an ill wind that blows nowhere…