{in the diffuser this week}

I love experimenting with diffuser blends. Sometimes I have a mood in mind that I will work towards, sometimes I am trying to support certain issues, and sometimes, I just want a pretty smell.

Many of my blends – regardless of my reason for diffusing – start with a single oil in mind, and I build from there. Maybe everyone is unwell, and I need to diffuse some On Guard, but I also want to mask the smell of clove (blergh), and brighten the mood, so add a citrus. Maybe I want, like this week, to have a motivating, yet focusing blend in the diffuser to power through our school hours.

I often share my blend of the day over on Instagram, particularly in my stories, and I thought it may be helpful to collate them here in a weekly round up. Doing this will help out folks without an insta account, and also make the blends more searchable. Hopefully over time I can also add my back-catalogue of blend posts to make a comprehensive resource here for you.

So without further ado, here’s what was in my diffuser this past week:

2 drops Kumquat
2 drops Adaptiv
1 drop Ravintsara
(super glad I have more Kumquat coming with this month’s promo as I’m nearly out!)

2 drops Citrus Bloom
1 drop Spearmint

2 drops Kumquat
1 drop Sandalwood
2 drops Pink Pepper

1 drop Sandalwood
2 drops Sunny Citrus
2 drops Affirm

And that’s about it for this week! I used most blends a couple of days in a row, hence why there is only four for the week. Study Buddy was a deliberate support blend, SaturYay was to create a mood, Bright & Calm was an intuitive pick starting with Pink Pepper, and Obsessed with Sandalwood was a blend starting Sandalwood after Bright & Calm had me hooked on, you guessed it, Sandalwood!

I love seeing how other people combine their oils too, and learning new blends, so would love to know what you’ve been diffusing this week! Drop me a comment and let me know? If you have an insta, be sure to leave that too so I can credit you when I try it!