…in the diffuser this week…

Last week was…really something. I started off the week flicking over from White Grapefruit as my base oil of choice, to Forgive. No particular reason beyond the fact that Forgive is one of doTERRA’s focus oils this month, and I don’t use it nearly enough. Then, a bad mood hit me like a ton of bricks, and I think my entire family is very thankful I had Forgive in all my blends until I got over myself!

In the diffuser last week:

Calm & Happy
2 drops White Grapefruit
1 drop Jasmine
2 drops Balsam Fir

Beat The Monday Blues
2 drops Forgive
2 drops Cheer

Set The World On Fire
3 drops Console
3 drops Peace
3 drops Forgive
2 drops Cheer

Suck It Up Buttercup
2 drops Forgive
2 drops Citrus Bliss
2 drops Anchor

Slow Saturday Starts
2 drops Pink Pepper
2 drops Spearmint
2 drops Siberian Fir

I’m thinking I might pick something happier this week as my anchor blend! It’s supposed to be school break, but the children have requested we keep going and take two weeks over easter, so Passion might be a good option, o Motivate? Hit me with some inspo, what’s in your diffuser this lovely Monday morning?