{in the diffuser this week}

Choosing oils for the diffuser is so easy this time of year – start with Holiday Joy, or Holiday Peace, and add something else fun! Last year, I challenged myself to a blend a day, and since I didn’t finish out the whole of advent, I am revisiting the challenge this year!

DAY ONE – Sunday 29/11 – Holiday Joy (no additions)

DAY TWO – Monday 30/11 – 2 drops each of Peppermint & Holiday Joy

DAY THREE – Tuesday 1/12 – leftover of yesterday + Holiday Peace

DAY FOUR – Wednesday 2/12 – 2 drops each of Holiday Peace & Citrus Bliss

DAY FIVE – Thursday 3/12 – diffuser cleaning day! Once the vinegar had run through, I did a diffuser cycle of just Holiday Joy to mask the vinegar smell!

DAY SIX – Friday 4/12 – 2 drops Holiday Joy plus 1 drop of Motivate

DAY SEVEN – Saturday 5/12 – 3 drops Green Mandarin + 8 drops Holiday Joy

So with a week down, I have diffused daily (yay!), and tried five new blends. I’m aiming for 7 out of 7 day for new blends this week! Who wants to join me?