{in the diffuser this week}

Wow. What a whole lot of crazy there has been since I last shared my “weekly” diffuser blend post! There’s been some general life getting in the way as well – we were at the coast for a homeschool excursion (wrap up of that one coming soon!), which put a dent in my diffusing routine. We kept it simple while on the road. Our morning drive into the events and on the way back home again, was my fave Citrus Bloom in the new Roam USB diffuser. Bedtime saw me so worn out after out big days that I needed nothing more than a drop or two of Balance in the Brevi that I took along with me.

Then we had a week of school break, as the world exploded around us, and to be honest, I just lost my potion making mojo, and kept the diffuser blends really simple – often the same blend for days at a time. This week we have been back to school, and finding our rhythm has been a bit trickier that usual, but now we have our groove back, and I feel like I have the headspace to mix things up and try new blends – and just in time too, since I’m supposed to be teaching a blending class online tomorrow!

2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Black Spruce

2 drops Peace
1 drop Wild Orange

3 drops Passion
2 drops Black Spruce

3 drops Island Mint
2 drops Citrus Bloom