{in my bag – quick launch edition}

When I first started with oils, I was always super confused by all these crazy oil people who insisted they never left home without their oils. Why? Were they expecting a smell-emergency? Then, of course, I learnt oils are just for pretty smells, and it wasn’t long before I was toting oils all over the countryside myself – quite literally, at times, when I’ve insisted on taking our ENTIRE collection along with us on roadtrips. Just in case. I mean, what if we had a coriander emergency in the middle of central queensland and I only packed the top ten? What if I packed cinnamon bark but we really needed Cassia instead? So the whole kit goes on the road with us. Fair to say, I am now firmly ensconced on the “crazy oil lady” end of the spectrum!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a pic of #mybarefootbags(yep, I mix it up and post it so often, they have their own hashtag on insta!), and since I’ve been reaching for this bag over and over I thought it was time to share it!

When the kids kit was released a year or two back, I could see how useful it was going to be in a big, busy family, and snapped one up straight away. Like most oil bags, the pouch is very generously sized, and if you’ve read any of my previous bag posts, you’ll know I read oil bag capacities as a starting point, not an upper limit. I could see straight away how much extra I would be stashing in there, and after a bit of tweaking, I think I have the perfect set up – for now! This bag stays packed as is, and is a perfect grab and go kit for all those “just in case” moments. In The Before, we were often heading out to run errands or walk to the library or meet friends at the park or grab a new book and a milkshake at our favourite cafe. None of which are exactly high-risk activities, but kids are kids, and accidents and boo-boos and unexpected things crop up all the time, so I love having a reliable bag covering the most common kid-issues prepacked and requiring exactly zero thought to throw in the car or my day pack.


In my grab and go bag, I have:

👜dōTERRA kids kit case + flash cards

💜 Calmer Blend for big emotions

💙 Rescuer Blend for all those owies

🍡 Tamer Blend for little tummies

💚 Steady Blend for grumpy pants

💛 Thinker Blend to keep everyone on task

🧡 Brave Blend, because who couldn’t use a little extra brave?

❤️ Stronger Blend for a boost when among vouchers and splutterers

then to these base kid’s kit oils I’ve also adding into the bag

👃🏻Easy Air Touch for coughs and sneezes

🤕 Magnolia Touch as my forever go-to for bumps, scrapes and itchy bites

🌬 Peppermint Beadlets for on the go freshness and a mama pick me up, as well as the occasional tummy trouble

👄 lip balm, mainly for Miss 9

🧴 CorrectX ointment for any first aid needs


🤲🏻 also normally in there is an On Guard hand sanitiser pump pack, but it ran out and I took the photo before my next order arrived to replace it!


When we have specific needs and outings in mind, I will still pack a custom kit, but for general trips out and about, homeschool group, errands and the like, this set up covers pretty much anything we would need (barring an epic disaster), and it’s so handy to be able to grab it and head out without having to think about what I need to pack.


Need a kid’s kit of your own in your life? I don’t have it listed in the shop as it’s a US product, which Aussie members can access from their private shopping page. If you don’t yet have a doTERRA account and would like to start your oil journey with this collection, leave a comment on this post including filling out the email field (I’m the only one who can see it, so your data is safe), or complete the contact form below with KIDS KIT as the subject line.

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  1. This has become my go-to kit when traveling. Love the carabiners which hook to my pants for easy access when flying and the smell is not too overpowering for those near me

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