{hello spring}

If I had to pick a favourite month, it would have to be September. It’s the month we got married. The month we became parents for the first time. And the second time. And the fourth time. And counted down the days until the third time. (Yes, our birthday schedule is really that crazy). It’s the month the sun comes out properly, not just turning up and pretending it’s interest, but actually warming everything up. The air is filled with the smell of fresh flowers and newly mown grass, and every warm breeze brings a new wave of motivation and inspiration and promise of a fresh start.
Less poetically, it also brings spring cleaning. Which is a total drag, but at the same time, I actually feel motivated to get it done. Maybe because I’m not getting up in the dark anymore? I don’t know. I do try and do most of it during September, but what with all the birthdays, it sometimes drags into October, or somewhat embarrassingly, just gets ignored (hello, window screens that are in desperate need of a wash). Over the last couple of years, I’ve also simplified my kit and switched a lot out to low tox alternatives.

{in my kit}

~ general purpose cleaning spray (DIYed using essential oils)

~ mold spray (clove oil, you are magic)

~ lemon oil

~ cream cleanser (home made)

~ enviro cloth

~ dusting mitt

~ window cloth

~ bathroom mitt

~ old toothbrush

I will slowly add the recipes for the above cleaning products and update the post with links. I’m also looking at running an online cleaning workshop in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on my Facebook page for that {UPDATE: It is now live and open for bookings here}. The Norwex I buy from my fave consultant (looking for a consultant? Jump over to her Facebook page and tell her I sent you!*), and my essential oils I buy direct – you can find more information on my page, or drop me a line and we can chat!

I also have a folder from many moons ago, when I did The Organised Housewife’s spring clean challenge (so long ago, in fact, it was when it was a free challenge not a paid course!). I normally print out a fresh set of the PDFs but I think this year I will laminate each page so I can reuse them each year. I have got myself in a rhythm, but sometimes there are annoying little jobs that my eyes just skip over.

Spring cleaning 2017, here I come!!
* Jac has generously offered my lovely readers $5 off your first order with her, or refer a friend who also orders and get $10 off! Drop her a line for more details or to have a chat about what cloths suit your needs.