…hello 2018…

When I think of the year ahead, I see a lot of balls in the air. I see homeschool. I see my photography business. I see my doterra business. I see crafting and blogging. I see trying to pretend like I’m a half decent housewife. I see travel.

I see a year glowing with possibility. I see big dreams and the baby steps towards them. I see breathing in moments of magic. I see breaking out of the status quo. I see a year of crafting a life less ordinary.

So when it was time to sit and dream and PLAN to make those dreams be a reality, I turned to my favourite make-things-happen tool – One Little Word. Like a lot of folks, my resolutions are all fine and dandy…until mid January when Mr Barefoot goes back to work and real life intervenes and gets in the way of all those good intentions. After reading about the idea of setting a theme for the year, it made so much sense. It shifts from “I MUST DO THIS” to “how does XYZ fit?”. I love it, and have done it almost every year since 2012.

I have spoken a bit over on my craft blog about my word for this year, and why I chose it. The more I feel into my LUMINOUS 2018, the more pleased I am at it’s choice. It is bringing glowing inspiration. It is guiding me in consuming that which lights me up. It prompts me to finish projects I have started, rather than chase the next shiny project. It encourages me to try new things in my workshops. It has me breathing deep and being present and making intentional choices, just the way I’d hoped.

Hello 2018. You are indeed promising to be LUMINOUS.