{general purpose cleaning spray}

This week has felt rather busy, as I try and catch up on work and spring cleaning and still keep school lessons ticking along and prepare the final cake for birthday season 2018. I’ve just gotten off the phone to my mum, and she asked about our weekend at the farm and if we had stayed overnight, and I genuinely had to stop and think about what we did. “Goodness Friday feels like a long time ago!” I say, in the middle of Tuesday afternoon. Which, I’m thinking, doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the week!

So I’m popping in with just a quick post today, to share one of my favourite, and most used recipes – my general purpose cleaning spray.

In a 120mL spray bottle, add the following dōTERRA essential oils:

10 drops lemon

10 drops tea tree

10 drops on guard

5 drops eucaluptus

5 drops peppermint

Top with water and vinegar (if desired). Use for bathrooms, laundry, & kitchen cleaning (although I have also used mine to spot clean my carpets as well!)


Change the ratio of water & vinegar to suit personal preference

Add other oils for their aroma to personalise your cleaner

Add Purify for additional odour control

Add OnGuard cleaner concentrate for a super boosted clean. Although, pro tip – don’t forget you added it and then next top up, turn the water on full bore to fill the bottle. Bubbles. Everywhere.