{essential oils in our homeschool}

Oils are a part of our day -to-day life, around here, and using them to help the children with various issues and niggles is one of the most common reasons I head for the oil box. As well as using them on an as-needed basis when things aren’t quite right, I also have a pretty solid routine of daily use as a way of keeping our days on an even keel and running smoothly. I’ve shared before about the oils and products I use to support our second son with his dyslexia, but I also use oils to support our neuro-typical children as well.

The diffuser is generally always on when the children get up. Mr 7 & Miss 10 take it in turns to chose the colour. I try and keep the morning diffuser blend something bright and cheery, generally including a citrus, and then mixed in with either a mint or a spice…or both. The actual combination I chose depends on my mood and the season and the weather and any little wobbles I am hoping to correct. At the start of a school session, I like light and happy. By the end, I’m often leaning into woody & spicy oils to help cure the grumps and keep us pushing through until break.

a few of our favourite morning blends

With the diffuser sorted, I also then have a mix of rollers and supplements individualised to each child. One child is highly driven and gets frustrated when things don’t make sense straight away, so I have a roller for them – Peace, Console and Wild Orange, 10 drops of each. It is excellent for grounding, calming and refocusing back to a learning mindset. Mr 12’s dyslexia protocol is always changing, and as he gets older we are using copaiba and adaptiv softgels to help him with focus and emotional regulation, on top of his custom rollers which he continues to use with varying regularity.

The kids kit is our go-to when it comes to homeschool excursions. I have the full set of seven rollers, in the original carry case that comes with the US version of the kit. As well as the kit rollers, I’ve added some extras to the carry case – a pump pack of Terra Armour, an On Guard hand mist, a tube of Correct-X, and a Magnolia Touch roller. There is yet to be an outing that we’ve gone on, that I haven’t had call to pull it out, either for my own children, or one of the other children in the group.

our kids kit after a pre-Covid excursion – also included Easy Air because the littles had a cough, back when it was socially acceptable to have a cough!

The other roller that gets a decent run in our homeschool day, is Peace Touch. I resisted the Touch rollers for so long, instead making up my own rollers, but as the children get older and more independent, having the official rollers makes it so easy, especially for our dyslexic child and for our emerging reader, to be able to recognise the labels and be able to decode the larger letters of the Touch rollers. When the school table grumps start ramping up, Peace Touch is a fabulous circuit breaker. A swipe on the back of the neck, a quick brain break outside, and everyone is much more pleasant when we return to the table to continue lessons.

Of course, mama can’t help but get in on the oily action. I have a tube of rose hand lotion that lives on our school trolley, that I use as a little treat to myself in between lessons, or, if I’m being completely honest, to buy myself a moment to think when the questions get a little tricky, especially when it’s Mr14 needing some help with calculus or the like. As for my roller preferences, I lean heavily on Motivate Touch to get me up and moving and through my chores and planning before the children are ready for lessons, as well as Passion Touch for those end of block blahs, when I need a bit of refocusing to push through to the end. And really, this year, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?