{creating a sensory story with essential oils}

Often when I am putting on the diffuser, I just grab whatever oils I feel inspired to use, pop them in the loungeroom diffuser, and consider it done. Sometimes, however, there is a call for multiple diffusers to be running at the same time, and this opens up an opportunity to create a lovely mood and flow throughout the different areas. Maybe you are having a party, or hosting a class, or having an open home, or maybe a rental inspection. There’s lots of reasons you might like to use multiple diffusers and a mix of oils to draw people through a space, and set the mood.

The first point to consider, is what is the overall mood you want to communicate. In my case, I was trying to choose oils for our house, for diffusing during an open-for-inspection morning. Being a Saturday around morning tea time, I wanted something bright and warm and welcoming. With this in mind, I chose Sunny Citrus (from the Mothers Day Citrus Trio) as my base scent.

The first diffusers I had to fill were 3x bedroom diffusers – a petal in each of the children’s bedrooms, and a Brevi in the master bedroom. I was trying to avoid the stereotypical “bedroom = sleep = lavender” connection, but wanted to keep the happy welcoming thread going while imbuing the rooms with a feeling of calm and grounding. In the end, I went with just a single drop each of Sunny Citrus and Peace. I intentionally kept the blends simple and to the minimum amount of oil, as I didn’t want the diffusers to become the centrepiece of the inspection, but to add a subtle and almost subconscious effect to the room’s environment.

Then with the bedrooms sorted, the next room on the list was the fourth bedroom that we currently use as our school room. Being a children’s space, for play and learning, I wanted something a bit more playful, but also not super bouncy and “tiggerific” – I was looking to evoke a sense of childhood whimsy and joyfulness, not overwhelming exuberance. I also wanted to keep in mind that in theory, this is actually designed to be a bedroom, not a dedicated play area, despite how we have chosen to live in this space and structure our rooms and their use. Not everyone needs a play room. Not everyone wants their children to share bedrooms. In the school room Lumo, then went the same blend as the bedrooms – Sunny Citrus and Peace – with the addition also of Arise from the Yoga kit. Once again, just a single drop of each.

From the school room we keep moving through the house to head upstairs and into the open area living/dining/kitchen space. In here, I could be more playful, and also be a bit heavier handed on the amounts used, as the space is so large, giving me scope to use stronger oils and then counteract their influence with additional drops of other oils in the blend. Again, looking for that warm, welcoming vibe, with a touch of weekend chill, and a whole lot of bright fun. My blend of choice for this area was 2 drops of Sunny Citrus, 2 drops of Align from the Yoga kit, and 1 drop of Spearmint – this is where having the space to go a little bit heavier on the oils comes into play. I love and adore spearmint, but it also can be a bit of a bossy boots oil, and overpower others it has been blended with. I started with a single drop of each of the three oils I’d chosen, but the spearmint was quite strong, and, I feared, would be overwhelming to people coming into our home – the exact opposite of what I was hoping to achieve with having the diffusers running during the inspection! The use of spearmint here, I also linked back to in the master suite, where I dropped some oil in the floor drain. I had used lemon earlier in the morning to freshen it up, but at the last minute decided to add a single drop of Spearmint as well while packing away the oils after filling the loungeroom Lumo diffuser.

On my finalest of final walk throughs of the house before we left and got out of the agents way (yes, there were multiple “final” walks!), the diffusers were a good 20 minutes into their run, and the house was smelling exactly the way I had hoped, and created an effective atmosphere drawing through the house from welcoming and peaceful bedrooms, through to the joyful school room and the upbeat living area.

1) chose a basic theme for the entire space you are creating the story in
2) Pick one base oil that will go in all spaces to create cohesion
3) Look for out of the ordinary options to blend with your base oil to create the mood you need for the individual breakout spaces
4) Use the same blend in similar-purpose spaces to reinforce the atmosphere you are trying to create – ie, all bedrooms in my example above had the same oils, and the bedroom-turned-toyroom had the same oils as the bedrooms, with one addition for a twist on the mood

Base oil – Sunny Citrus
Bedrooms – 1 drop Sunny Citrus, 1 drop Peace
Toyroom/4th bedroom – 1 drop Sunny Citrus, 1 drop Peace, 1 drop Arise
Living area – 2 drops Sunny Citrus, 2 drops Align, 1 drop Spearmint
Bathroom drains – 1 drop Spearmint, 2 drops Lemon

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