{capsule wardrobe :: spring}

A few years back, I came across the concept of a capsule warbrobe, and it made so much sense to me. Every morning, I would stare into my wardrobe, declare I had nothing to wear…and promptly choose the same thing I wore every other day. We have a walk-in wardrobe plus a large tall-boy, and even though both were well stocked, my options either didn’t fit properly or were too dressy or not dressy enough or or or or…

So when I read about how a capsule could streamline the entire process, I was in my room within the hour, pulling out everything I owned to narrow it down to 36 items. At first, I thought I would never be able to narrow it down, but it was surprisingly easy, and also made it very obvious what I was holding on to for seemingly no reason. I think that first time through, I took a whole garbage bag of clothes to Vinnies. As each season rolled through, it because increasingly easier to let things go. That jumper that didn’t make the cut for the winter capsule, but left in the storage box just in case? I’d get to the end of winter, realise I hadn’t missed it at all, and out the door it would go.

I’ve just turned over my boxes to create my spring capsule, and only need to buy two shirts to complete it, as my older shirts have been in rotation since before our youngest was born, and are starting to show their age.

My “rules”:
*36 items total, including shoes and outerwear, excluding jammies, delicates and active wear
*weekend farm clothes didn’t count to the total originally
*one super dressy outfit just in case
*one work outfit for photography work (doTERRA workshops I wear my usual clothes)
*each item must be able to be worn with at least two other items
*my base palette was neturals, denim & peach/pink

My end result:
*36 items total, including farmwear and leggings (as I could layer them under regular clothes), but excluding shoes.
* super versatile mix & match wardrobe that I love, that fits in one drawer for everything

My chosen items:
*skinny jeans (I do want to upgrade these as they are cheap bigW jeans that don’t hold their stretch, but that’s next winter’s problem)
*skirts – grey stretch maxi, grey loose maxi, stripy stretch maxi
*leggings – black 3/4 & full length
*shorts – denim, cream, black, navy
*long sleeve shirts – peach/white stripe, chambray, white peasant style, grey
*short sleeve button up shirt
*tshirts – long sleeve white, long sleeve teal, black polo, white boxy tee
*singlets – white, grey, black
*jackets – denim, navy
*black vest
*wool coat
*leather boots
*ballet flats
*formal outfit – black skirt & black & white floaty top
*work outfit – black pants and shirt

It’s a pretty basic wardrobe, but since 97% of my days are running around after kids, homeschooling and crafting, it works for me, and is still flexible enough to dress up for teaching a workshop, or going out for dinner with friends. I’ve also tried to strike a balance between seasonal clothing, as spring can be so variable – anywhere from frosts in November to high 20’s in the first fortnight of the season, and everything in between – so layering is crucial and was a big part of my planning.

It’s been a process to edit down my wardrobe to items that I really love and enjoy wearing, and I’m still not completely there, but at least I know that everything in my drawer will get worn, and I get get up, get dressed and get going of a morning with a minimum of thought required.