Over on my craft blog, it has been an almost annual project that I dedicate October to, to post each and every day for the whole month, for “Blogtober”. Because I’m a little bit bonkers, I’ve decided to also do Blogtober on this blog, to help me work on creating a rhythm for posting, and develop a back-catalog of content as well. I will be blogging about oils, permaculture farming, homeschooling, minimalism and sharing recipes, ideas, and general lifestyle posts. I have a rough outline for things I want to share for the month, and will probably have a few bonus posts as the month rolls along and I get into my groove. Hopefully you have as much fun following along on this ride, as I know I will from the writing side. 31 posts in 31 days. Totally doable. 62 posts in 31 days? It could get interesting!

(PS – if you are a blogger doing a Blogtober project, drop a link in the comments so I can swing by and follow along)